Officers of the Church and Pastoral Care

Your attendance won't go unnoticed at Sandy Plains. We are determined to know and love each other through all the trials and blessings of life. Our church members pray for each other, visit each other, and challenge each other to live gratefully and faithfully before the Lord.

We believe that Jesus Christ is not only risen from the dead, but ascended to Heaven, and that He lovingly governs our lives through His position of almighty power (Hebrews 4:14-16). One of the very important ways Christ ministers to His people is through His officers in the church: the minister, the elders, and the deacons. Through the minister, Christ teaches us the Gospel. Through the elders (with the minister), He oversees the spiritual life of the people. Through the deacons, He cares for the physical and material needs of the church, as well as her missionaries and benevolent ministries. All our officers are carefully chosen and trained, and they are held accountable to their vows of service.

As a member of Sandy Plains, you will have a gentle, spiritually mature elder assigned to you who will visit and pray with you. No one should feel alone in our pilgrimage to our heavenly Home!

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